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Tooth decay often begins at an early age, making young children particularly susceptible. Nearly half of 2-11-year-olds have experienced tooth decay while 32% of kids between 9 -11 years old display cavities in their permanent teeth. Major contributing factors to this public health problem include baby formula with added sugar and heavily-sugared fruit juices. Even breast milk can cause cavities in baby teeth because of the natural sugars present.

Care for baby teeth should begin as soon as the first tooth appears. We recommend that you bring your child in for an exam no later than his or her first birthday. And regular six-month checkups from then on will put kids on a similar schedule to most adults. We can monitor your child for dental problems while customizing preventive coaching to fit specific conditions.

We Love Kids

Our team loves helping kids grow into healthy adults. At either end of the age spectrum, the bases are covered. Dr. Sachdeva knows that early experiences influence the value kid's place on their oral health as adults. And they choose to seek or avoid future care by how they're treated now. Rest assured, the bar sits high here.

The services offered at Media Family Dentistry ensure that patients of all ages feel welcome. From the earliest check-ups to the management of orthodontic decisions, Dr. Sachdeva will listen to your concerns and guide you through every stage.

If you are looking for a compassionate pediatric dentist, contact Media Family Dentistry today. We love kids and are honored to help our small patients get the dental care they need.

Patient Reviews

My daughter (age 6) and I had back to back appointments and we were both very happy with the service. Scheduling was easy, we started on time, the hygienist totally entertained my daughter while cleaning her teeth, then entertained her while cleaning my teeth. The Dr was great with kids and spent the time to fully explain everything to me. Great experience. Highly recommended.

- Matthew Rankin

My seven year old daughter gets anxiety about going to the dentist, so when she started complaining of a "hole in her upper tooth" I was dreading our upcoming visit.

We just left the office and I feel stress-free, and my daughter is beaming because she did not feel a thing. She had a small cavity and now it has been filled, tear free! Dr. Sachdeva was fantastic!!! I highly recommend this practice

- Brynden Craig


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